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Road Trip: Echuca

For a few miscellaneous reasons, the twelve of us went to Echuca for the week. Awesome time, interesting town, interesting days, and even more interesting nights. Here is the (heavily edited and censored) collection of photos.

Due to popular demand, a Stewy's Site exclusive is also now available! For a limited time, see Ann: A Study of a girl who likes the couch"

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Dave and Sumudu, still getting this zoom thing right

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Smiling Schmu, Dashing Dave and Stylish Siobhan

126_2611.JPG (43046 bytes)

Sumudu and Stew (Hair by Tej, Scarf by Tej, Alcohol by Tej)

126_2632.JPG (27238 bytes)

Slight focus problem here, but nevertheless an interesting photo.

126_2636.JPG (39394 bytes)

There were three in the bed, and the little one said...


126_2654.JPG (62439 bytes)

Our day on the farm in a single picture.

126_2663.JPG (39826 bytes)

What didn't make the Versace 2004 Catalogue

126_2669.JPG (42839 bytes)

Tej was still fuming about her exclusion from the Play Boy Centrefold

126_2673.JPG (38651 bytes)

No idea what I was doing here.

127_2739.JPG (39847 bytes)

Nick looking composed as always, Stew pulling together a few threads of composure for the photo.


127_2732.JPG (41330 bytes)

Tej and Crystal

127_2729.JPG (45918 bytes)

Crystal, Ann, and Stew. If you rearrange the letters in all three names, you get walsnactertnys. Just thought you should know.

127_2728.JPG (40242 bytes)

Schmoo ready for a good night.

127_2727.JPG (46370 bytes)

Some weird joke centre around the fact that Dave's shirt (worn by Tej) looks like something that Jesus would have worn. No offence to the man himself.

127_2712.JPG (36888 bytes)

Woah, two people both staring at the lens for a change

127_2711.JPG (37673 bytes)

Crystal, Sumudu, Stewy (that's me, by the way)

126_2699.JPG (44624 bytes)

James and Schmoo

125_2582.JPG (49726 bytes)

Crazy Crystal

125_2586.JPG (43686 bytes)

Nah, Bois!!!  (think about it, very very carefully)


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