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Borneo 2004

In order to break from the tedium of a Melbourne winter, we decided to embark on an adventure through the jungles of darkest Borneo - facing headhunters, wild animals and independent malitia. Then this idea fell through, so we ended up at a Five-Star resort, the Shangri-La Rasa Ria, on the island of Borneo. We also spent two nights in the capital of malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Due to bandwidth constrictions, these photos have been split onto three pages. You are currently on The Hotel.


The Hotel             The Wilderness            The Towns


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First impressions after getting off 10 hours on an aeroplane.

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The beach, sand, umbrellas and path that classify this hotel as a beach resort.

120_2040.JPG (84624 bytes)

A typical Rasa Ria path. These photos are really difficult to caption... Sorry, in truth there really wasn't that much to photograph.

120_2046.JPG (43363 bytes)

Those umbrellas... .again... .. from the other side. See how creative I am!?

120_2057.JPG (32393 bytes)

Ooohh Sunset photo. Click it for a wallpaper version!

122_2217.JPG (49716 bytes)

The Orangutan is the closest species to a human being. Significantly closer, in fact, than most AFL Footballers.

122_2224.JPG (59356 bytes)

Awwwww! I shall make this a wallpaper too.. click on it.

122_2229.JPG (58374 bytes)

The hotel swimming pool, lobby, and rooms.

122_2236.JPG (31513 bytes)

Another lovely sunset, this time with horses.

123_2310.JPG (68502 bytes)

The hotel from the front... I think the front is more practical than pretty.

123_2316.JPG (57345 bytes)

The lobby. Lighting makes it look a little dingy, but there is a massive raised roof in the centre, making it a really nice area. Overlooking the beach, too.

123_2321.JPG (78755 bytes)

Another pool/palm/umbrella photo

121_2165.JPG (35560 bytes)

Yay! Sunset again. The ironic thing was that the best sunset was the one on the first night, when no one had their cameras handy. Oh well, it was "the one that got away". Again, click for biggie.

The Hotel             The Wilderness            The Towns