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Scotch Formal 2003

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End of Year MUMUS 2004

Med Ball 2004


Kerith's 18th

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Tej's 19th

My 18th Birthday Party

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Gold Coast 2003

Germany 2003

Europe and China 2001

Mount Martha



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Personal Profiles: Tim

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The Timmy is a strange beast. Zoological name Smartassus Mcphersus, it can be found inhabiting the corridors of Scotch College, as well as the various drama departments of other schools. Approach with caution - although harmless in appearance, the Timmy can lash out with a laser wit and biting remarks. Not much else is known about this elusive creature, but one thing is for certain: Everywhere it travels, a harem of lady-friends will be following close behind.

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Super Fly

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Stewy's SiteŠ was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Tim, and proudly presents the finding, and some photos.

Birth Date: 12-12-1988
Name : Tim
Nicknames: Tim, Timmy, Macca

email: selvester13@hotmail.com  
School: Scotch College
Location: Melbourne
Hair: Blonde/Browny
Height: 5"7"
Shoe Size: 11
Glasses or Contacts: 20/20 oh yeah!
Sign: Saggitarius
Siblings: Older brother
Single or Taken: Single and lookin', babe!
Boxers or Briefs: Boxer Briefs
Righty or Lefty: Righty

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---------------HAVE YOU EVER---------
Ever been so drunk you blacked out:No
Put a body part on fire for amusement: No
Been hurt emotionally: Yeah
Kept a secret from everyone: Yeah occasionally
Had an imaginary friend: No, he is a lepricon
Wanted to hook up with a friend: Definently *female
Cried during a Movie: Nah...More like water gatherage
Had a crush on a teacher: No
Ever thought a cartoon character was hot? No
Had a New Kids on the Block tape: What the heck is that?
Cut your own hair: No
Been sarcastic: No *rolls eyes
Made yourself throw-up: No
Gone skinny-dipping: No
Runaway from home: Yes when i was like 4 (got 200m)
Broken a bone: My arm
Cheated on a test: Yeah but nothing serious
Kissed someone you didn't know: No.
Been in a physical fight: Yes
Been in a Police car: No
Been on a plane: Yes very very many times
Been close to dying: No
Had someone except family tell you they love you: No :(
Had surgery: Yes x5
Had chickenpox: Yes a while ago

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---------WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT---------
(25 words or less)
Country Music: Some of it
Old People: Depends some a champs that don't act older than 25 (my pop)
Aeroplanes: Mad fun
Amusement Parks: Oh yeah...Just not the giant drop...anything but that
Fast Cars: if driving yes, if watching no
Euthanasia: Say WHAT?
George W Bush:Great bloke...well y'all better 'spect as muwch fromz a Texan
Alcohol: Pleasant in moderation, except when you're training
Vegetarians: The animals are going to die anyway...just like you
Homosexuals:Same as hetro's there are some good and some BAD
War:Depends what it is for
John Howard: Yeah ppl need to leave him alone. He IS a smart guy
Parents: Yeah they have good and bad runs

Shampoo:Fruitessence, Fructose
Colour:Green *mighty Morrison (not stewart)- though he is pretty kwl :P
Day/Night: Night
Summer/Winter: Summer
Food: Double-cheesbuger with bacon
Fave TV Show: Simpsons
Fave Movie: Van Wielder
Fave song: Cat Empire -The Chariot
Fave Subject: P.E
Fave Drink: My special milkshake
Car: 67' Gt 500 shelby Ford Mustang *Elanor

----------------RIGHT NOW------------
Wearing: Jeans, hillfiger shirt & espirit baby blue jumper
Drinking: Nothing
Thinking about: This Quiz
Listening to: Simple Plan- Perfect
Watching: This Quiz

---------IN THE LAST 24 HRS--------
Cried: No
Worn a skirt: No
Met someone new: Yes
Cleaned your room: No
Done laundry: No
Driven a car: No

---------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-------
Yourself: Better believe it!
Friends: Some
Santa Claus: Yes
Tooth Fairy: Yes
Ghosts: No
Love: Yeah i guess
UFO's: Yeah, but they will be single-celled amoeba's

-------------FRIENDS AND FUTURE--------
Do you have a girlfriend: Nup
Like anyone: Yes
Who is your best friend?: Prob Marshall or Kat
Who is your best friend of the opposite sex: Kat
Who is the loudest: Ed
Who is the quietest: Dunno. Prob Danny Pang
Who is the shyest: Danny Pang
Who is the most violent: Marshall
Who is the smartest: Prowse
Who is most likely to be successful: Anyone but Ed
Who is the best artist: Gurney
Who is the most athletic: Marshall *sport freik
Who is most likely to go to jail: Kings for killing someone with a hockey stick
Who do you go to for advice:I don't go to anyone
Who do you cry with: I don't
Whats the best feeling in the world: ummm thats personal....
Future son and daughter names: James, Daniel, Ben, Julian / Samantha, Emily, Candy

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--------------ON GIRLS--------------
Regular underwear or thong:Thong
Painted nails or not: Whatever makes them happy
Bra or sports bra: Bra
Cute n' mysterious or wild n' sexy: Cute, wild & sexy
Dressy or casual: Casual
Dark or blonde hair: blonde
Long or short hair?: Whateva looks good
Dark or light eyes: Unique eyes
Long or short nails: Shortish
Hat or no hat: No Hat
Good or bad girl: both are fun in their own way
Fat or thin: In between
Hair up or down? Girl with spiky hair?:S DOWN
Jewellery or none: yeah but only studs unless dressed up
Tall or short: shorter than me
Curly or straight hair: I prefer straight but curly is good too *occasionally
Pants or dress: depends where you are going...skimpy dresses are always nice
Tan or fair: Tan
Freckles or none: None
Shy or outgoing: Fairly outgoing

105-0529_IMG.JPG (50736 bytes)
What do you have for breakfast in the morning?: Cocco Pops, water
When did you last cry?: Can't memba
What is the #1 priority in your life?: Becoming famous *making ppl feel good
Have you ever loved someone?: Dunno..I guess
Do you still love them?: Not sure
Do looks matter?: Yeah...ppl say they don't but they lie to sound "noble"
When was the last time you wanted to punch someone: 2 days
Do you trust others easily: Yeah way too much...it becomes a problem
Who has slept in bed with you: My mum and dad...My dog always does
Who has seen you cry: Family, close friends
Have you ever mistaken salt for sugar?: Yes!! ewww
Do you judge actual books by their covers?: Yes
Name something you would like to experience in your lifetime: Love... :p
Are you afraid of anything?: Dying without being satisfied
Do you lead a fast paced life?: I live week by week
Have you ever wagged classes during school?: No
Do you know anyone famous?: My dad did write a book
Do you like your feet massaged?: dunno, sometimes it tickles too much
Do you talk in your sleep?: I have been told i do sometimes
Do you get your feelings hurt easily?: Yeah, but I have learned not to care
Do you like speaking in public?: Hell yeah
Do you believe in Sex before marriage?: Yeah
Do you think your cute?: I HATE that word...When someone says it ur not sure when        they mean puppy-dog-cute or hot-cute
Who is your favorite superhero?: Mr Sguiggle
Do you hate people that have I.A.D (Impulsive Abbreviation Disorder)?:Occasions
Who would you want to play you, in a movie about your life?:Leo di'caprio
Would you have sex wearing a pink tutu if you knew it did it for your partner?:Depends how hot and nice they were
If you saw a hot girl walking down the street, what would your comment to your
friend be?: Check out the talent at (1-12) o'clock
Do you Karaoke?: Yeah at my lockers
Who could you talk to all day about absolutely anything?: Marshall, Lee, Kat
Is happiness attainable for you?: Yes but there is only a 1/1,000,000 chance
Who is one person that you don't see that you're glad you don't see?: Nicholls
Who is one person that you don't see but that you miss?: Daniel & Mofflin
Do you hate licorice?: Yes
What bra size is Kim Beazely?: 29 DD
If someone you didn't like was coming onto you, how would you brush them off?: Run
Do you get sunburnt easily?: No
Do you prefer fantasy or reality? Both
Is this tiring or what? It's getting a bit long..Reading must be worse though
Honestly speaking, do you believe in life after death? There better be
You're half way up the hill, which is more enticing, up or down? UP!!!
Do kites do anything for you sexually? Man this quiz writter is WIERD

You're one run out from a century, how do you feel?: Focused

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